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Above: 100' long Portable Radial Stacker stockpiling gravel

Below: The Trough Belt is ideal for coal handling
Trough Belt Conveyors: One of the most “forgiving” designs because of the open frame and trough effect of the rubber belt fully containing the load of material.  Trough belt conveyors are the most widely used and efficient means of moving bulk materials.  Rubber belt conveyors are designed for handling high tonnages and are generally low in maintenance.

A rubber belt conveyor is well suited for severe-duty
applications, such as aggregate, steel-taconite pellets, solid waste, sludge, etc.  Radial Stacking Conveyors are constructed from this conceptual design.

Radial Stackers are pre-engineered from 30’ to 150’ long in underslung as well as mast type for 100’ to 200’. Accessories of typical systems utilizing these concepts include motorized tramming, trippers, shuttles, and pant chutes.  Stackers are available with a variety of options including: hydraulic power raise/lower from 12 to 21 degrees, power radial tram, underslung, or mast types available. (see Stacking Conveyor page)
Trough belt conveyors find application with mined materials, “overburden”, coal, sand and gravel, brick and bitten, iron ore, etc. -- from 50 to well beyond 6,000 tons per hour.  Engineered lengths from a few feet to several miles.  Widths from 12” to 96”. Dover builds stationary, elevating, and radial stackers as well as field portable conveyors.  A variety of options include transition systems, hoppers, chutes and skirting. Covers, walkways & handrails, wind hoops as well as additional safety systems, such as emergency pull cords and zero speed switches, can be incorporated into the design.

Dover manufactures "channel frame", "angle truss", and the only "pipe truss" style in the business.  The "pipe truss" style fits many corrosive applications whereas a typical structural frame could collect loose material or harmful moisture in grooves or crevices. 

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