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Dover’s Trommel Screens
are another example of Dover’s custom engineering and fabricating capabilities.   Trommels can be supplied at any size or style for classifying materials.

In addition to its use for screening and sizing, the Trommel Screen has a controlled speed which provides a scrubbing action.  This improves separation, minimizes need for service, and provides a self-cleaning system that is the easiest to maintain.  The Trommel Screen can be used to loosen and mix compacted materials.
Custom Fabricates
for your Sorting/Sizing
Finger Screens can also be supplied upon request. Similar to Trommels, Finger Screens also help size materials. Instead of circular tumbling, like the Trommel, Finger Screens provide a vibrating flat surface for a “sifting” action. Large “Fingers” at the edge assist in sizing the material and also
prevent clogging.
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