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Widths up to 96", pitches up to 18"  Suited for scrap metal, paper, and other severe duty applications, the steel belt  conveyor is known for its high impact capability and forgiving nature. "ZEE" configurations eliminate the need for two or more conveyors.  Layouts requiring straight, level, inclined, or any other configuration are possible with this style of conveyor. 

The Dover Steel Belt Conveyor is specifically designed for the application with many fabrication options to pertinently construct a proper transport for the designated material, such as:

   1. Welded Tube type
   2. Apron Pan
   3. Die formed
   4. Open or closed frame
   5. Electrical considerations:
        as required

Heavy Duty Apron Pan Conveyor
From the average to the heaviest loads, Dover offers many widths and several specification grade chain ratings.  Hinged steel pans with welded steel tubes are optionally supplied.  Die-formed pans with integral hinges are also available.  For heavy-duty service, welded tube pans are usually preferred, and can be provided in a pan thickness of 3/16" and up.

The hinged steel belting is supplied in 2 1/2" through 18" pitches for most standard heavy-duty scrap handling and solid waste recycling situations.  Hinges are linked by axle pins through the hinge tubes and attached to the outboard flanged steel rollers.  These support the conveyor belt on angle track or heavy-duty ASCE construction-grade rails. Impact load bars provide full lateral support for resistance to deflection and impact shock.

Dover's Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors withstand the punishment of such materials as steel scrap, solid waste, and hazardous wastes.  Our Modular Frames are equipped with skirting that overlaps the side wing, forming a labyrinth seal and protection from side wing damage. The frames are supplied in closed-type heavy plate or structurally-open styles.  Both are pre-assembled at the factory to assure alignment and fit.

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