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Pli-O-Wall Conveyors are an exciting category of conveyors because of their many impressive capabilities.

The Pli-O-wall conveyor can transport materials/substances at high degrees of inclines, (up to 90 degrees), in “ZEE” configurations that eliminate the need for two or more conveyors and drives. These high-angle configurations are preferable when floor space is at a premium, or there are tight centerlines between specified destinations. The material/substance stays contained and in place with bucket-like pockets created by flexible sidewalls and risers.  These are corrugated, thus enabling them to bend around pulleys and rollers.

Material is contained at a
90 degree vertical lift

As with any conveyor, the Pli-O-Wall Conveyor is designed specifically to the capacity, loading, and layout requirements.  Many unique design features come together to form a successful arrangement that no other type of conveyor can replicate.

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