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The Combo-Flite™ In-Feed System conveys commingled waste from an in-ground pit and deposits it at balcony level on a flat bed sorting conveyor.  The Sorting Conveyor is designed specifically to the application.  Various components can be added to fit the nature of the installation, such as side-skirts, winged head or tail pulleys.  These facilitate removal of such material as belting, stainless steel, aluminum, or fiberglass sections by using magnetic separators, various types of belting , and much more.  Sorting conveyors for Material Recovery Facilities, (MRF's), are generally made from this type of conveyor.  This category is a simple, lighter-duty conveyor for non-severe applications where a consistent material/substance is being transported horizontally or at a slight incline.
Dover supplies catwalks, handrails, and stairs for both sides or one side, depending on work station locations. Dover also offers safety-type interlocking electrical controls so that the entire system can be stopped from any work station. Dover's sequential start-up feature is particularly useful in sorting systems to prevent material pile-up.
Dover Picking/Sorting Conveyors  are  available with flat or concave beds. They are used for sorting and segregating recyclable materials.  Elevated stations simplify sorting as materials are simply dropped through individual hopper openings at each sorting station to ground level collection bunkers.
Combo-Flite™ conveyor depositing to the Picking/Sorting Conveyor at balcony level.  Dover’s stairs leading up to balcony in foreground.      \/
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