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Screw Conveyors:
Food, drug, agricultural, general and mining industries use this type of conveyor when a fully contained, metered effect is required to handle consistent materials such as grain, sludge, powders, dry chemicals, etc.

Screw Conveyors are an effective way to move wet or dry bulk materials along a totally enclosed incline or horizontal length.  This concept is effectively used when a totally enclosed design fits the nature of the material, by preventing spillage, spewing dust, etc.

Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor with Feed Hopper
The screw conveyor, has a lower initial cost than a typical belt conveyor.  Dover’s are available from 4” to 36” in diameter, with special applications up to 72”.  The most common diameters, (typically used as feeders), are between 6” and 18”. 

 Engineering options include Stainless steel construction, abrasion resistant coatings, AR Plate liners, ribbon flighting, tapered screws, hard facing, in-feed hoppers, and discharge chutes.  Electrical components and controls are also used as required.  Additionally, special paints, epoxies, polishes, and primers can be requested.

Dover specializes in realistic engineering techniques that employ these types of conveyors, with the necessary elements, to the application. 

< 16" diameter Galvanized Screw Conveyor
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