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A typical bucket
elevator consists of a
series of buckets mounted on a chain or conveyor belt moving materials straight up at 90 degrees. This traditional method of conveying is one of the most economical, efficient, and dependable means of elevating loose bulk materials. The initial cost is low; maintenance is minimal; and a long life can be expected.
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“Centrifugal” discharge bucket elevators are designed to handle fine, free-flowing materials which can be dug from the elevator boot.  If the proper bucket size is used, small lumps can be handled.  Buckets on a chain or belt travel at speeds high enough to discharge materials by centrifugal force as they pass around the head terminal.

“Continuous” discharge bucket elevators are often used for and designed to handle sluggish, aerated materials having a lumpy texture.  Continuously spaced buckets, (traveling at speeds slower than the centrifugal type), are designed so that the fronts and extended sides form a chute as they pass around the head terminal.  Gravity causes the material to gently flow out of the buckets and down the chute formed by the preceding buckets in the discharge spout.

Bucket elevators requiring special paints, finishes, AR plate liners, lined inlet and discharge chutes can be provided for adverse, severe-duty environmental conditions.
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